Data Onboarding Initiative

If you are developing drugs or medical devices to directly combat COVID-19, let us help you onboard data at no cost!

Lore IO is committed to helping pharmaceutical and medical device organizations quickly go-to-market with their solutions to help combat COVID-19. Whether your output is a breakthrough drug, specialty device, or market research, getting them to those in need in a timely manner is paramount.

That's why we will help these organizations onboard data from three sources in 30 days, as opposed to several months using more traditional means of data onboarding. Time is of the essence and we want to help!

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Here's how it works:

Step #1

Identify three* vendor data sources to onboard.

Step #2

Define the desired output.

Step #3

Get the unified view for analysis.

* $10K per data source after the first three

Process Details

Lore IO's commitment to ensure we expedite your data onboarding includes the following:


Data vendors, HCP, HCO, claims, patients, product, sales, operations, and demographics.

File Format



Tableau data (XLS or CSV) and output dashboards.


Lore IO SaaS on Google Cloud.


Up to 30 days for implementation.


No cost for the first three sources. $10K for each additional source.

Lore IO is a proud, Certified Data Partner of Veeva OpenData.

Lore IO is a Certified Data Partner of the Veeva OpenData Partner Program. As a Veeva OpenData partner, Lore IO will help established and emerging biopharma companies further accelerate the development and operationalization of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and commercial analytics during pre-drug launch phases. This partnership enables Lore IO to ensure biopharma companies rely less on manual or engineering-heavy data integration processes and more on automation and self-serve data onboarding processes that minimize time-to-assessment when analyzing drug and market data.

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