Smart supply chain analytics.

eSilicon saves 60% in manual process time by deploying Lore IO

Life Before Lore IO

eSilicon relies on outsourced manufacturers to manufacture their application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). As a result, they rely heavily on B2B transactions to update their supply chain tracking and ERP systems.

With this setup, inventory reconciliation between internal systems and supplier reports at the end of each month or quarter becomes a tedious, time-consuming manual effort. In addition, the validation of mismatches between reports prolongs the reconciliation process and is multiplied by the number of suppliers involved. Ultimately, this makes it difficult to scale.

eSilicon wanted to build a modern data warehouse to address this issue, but did not want to spend months doing so.

“We wanted to build a modern Data Warehouse that is up and running in weeks instead of many months like the previous Oracle Data Warehouse OBIEE solution, which took over a year to build. The current solution with Lore IO took four weeks to build the base platform with lot visibility and the inventory recon.”

Naidu Annameneni
CIO & VP of Global IT

Life With Lore IO

eSilicon was able to deploy the Lore IO solution and build a base platform that provided them with lot visibility and inventory reconciliation in four weeks. Now, data processing is automated and there are very few verification steps that require manual human intervention. Reconciliation mismatches are now identified automatically and in real-time resulting in overall time savings of 60%.


Time savings during the reconciliation process

4 weeks

To automate lot visibility and inventory reconciliation


The time to deliver analytics over the previous system

“Using Lore IO, Operations and Finance teams get real-time visibility into the recon mismatches providing customer shipments and revenue misses for the quarter ...the matching process is automatic so we can compare the differences real-time.”

Naidu Annameneni
CIO & VP of Global IT

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