Independent Media Group achieves 360-degree analytics for video subscription services with Lore IO

The challenge

The independent multimedia company is located in United Kingdom. It offers television programming, international distribution, post production, communications for the healthcare and educational sectors, and video art.

The customer needed to develop a content analytics app for its content team with 50 charts and a project planned for 3 months with 5 dedicated resources.

The solution

By partnering with Lore IO, the company delivered a cross-analytics app in 3 days. It went on to deploy to marketing and product teams as well.

"With Lore IO, we get a comprehensive picture of our new releases. We were able to set up several views for each team to optimize its workflow. I was especially impressed by the speed with which we could iterate and update the dashboards to add new reports. And all this was done in just a week after we started our engagement. "

VP of Content

The results

The customer now delivers personalized cross-channel data views for all teams, including content, marketing, product, development, and infrastructure. The customer scaled its Big Data access and use, quintupling its number of data queries, number of data sources, and number of weekly accessed data apps. In addition, new reports are delivered 20 times faster!

Media and Entertainment
London, UK


View of video service performance


Faster reporting availability

3 days

To implement analytics app

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