Onboarding and operationalizing customer data.

Travel Technology Company onboards vendor data 10x faster with Lore IO.


The Travel Technology Company accelerates the customer data onboarding process with Lore IO, helping customers improve revenue and guest experience across all channels in a shorter amount of time.

About Travel Technology Company
Industry: Travel technology and services
Employees: 8,000 - 10,000

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Life Before Lore IO

The Travel Technology Company relies heavily on a smooth and efficient customer onboarding process to ensure their customers, global hotel chains and airlines, are able to take full advantage of their industry-leading central reservation platform in a short amount of time

The popularity of the Company's reservation platform soon led to complications surrounding the amount of time it took to onboard customers. Their custom-built solution had worn out its welcome and created revenue-impacting issues for the organization. It was far from efficient -- each onboarding required 12-18 weeks and a high number of resources, which led to cost overruns and lost revenue.

The Company had no choice but to look to an alternate solution to be able to meet customer demand and continue to grow the business in a short amount of time.

“Customer onboarding was a very complicated process with each client taking 12-18 weeks and a lot of effort on both sides to complete. This significantly impeded our ability to increase the number of new clients we onboarded each year.”

-Director of Customer Success

Life With Lore IO

The Company deployed the Lore IO Common Data Mode (CDM) within weeks and immediately made an impact on the backlog of customers waiting to be onboarded to their central reservation platform.

The Lore IO CDM also enables users to self-serve throughout the onboarding process, which allows them to monitor data onboarding progress, adjust business rules to determine how they utilize the data, and get a unified view of the data across their business applications.

Since the Company deployed Lore IO CDM, they have successfully onboarded more customers while utilizing significantly fewer resources. The end result being more users onboarding more customers and the opportunity to scale the operation to drive revenue.


Faster onboarding of customer data.

2-3 weeks

To onboard customers, not 3-4 months.


Time reduction in data preparation.

Fast and simple.

Watch a demo of the Lore IO Common Data Model in action for the Hospitality Industry.

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