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Join disparate sources into a single source of truth

Business data reconciliation

Is your data error-prone and slow to arrive? We reconcile, synchronize and automate calculations for multiple sources and complex business logic. No more managing the business using spreadsheet formulas!

Source-to-target mapping

Do you process data that have inconsistent or changing schemas? We harmonize datasets from internal or external sources into a standard, error-free output format for aggregation operations and apples-to-apples comparisons.

Universal data fabric

Are your business teams arguing about whose data is correct? We create a single source of truth for all your business using self-describing data elements that business users can understand, trust, and use freely.

360-degree analytics

Do your retargeting campaigns need a boost? We stitch together data from multiple sources for a cross-channel, cross-program view of individual customers, products, and initiatives for better personalization.

Pattern detection

Looking to discover correlations in your dataset? We apply smart algorithms to uncover hidden trends and relationships in your data for immediate actionability.

Hypothesis testing

Do you have  sophisticated models that are suddenly exhibiting abnormal results? We set up and run hypothesis testing to refine and extend your models as your metrics change over time.

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Scale your efforts with innovative technology

Unify thousands of sources

Lore IO uses declarative transformations that SQL analysts use to bring together vast numbers of disparate sources into a common format with speed and agility.

Get the whole team involved

Collaboration tools make it easy for large teams to develop a single source of truth that everybody can explore, manage and optimize.

Automate data pipelines

Once analysts define their output schemas and data policies, Lore IO automatically generates the necessary code to ingest and unify the data.

Automate data preparation

April 22, 2020

Lore IO Security Datasheet



April 22, 2020

Eliminate Traditional ETL eBook

Best practice

Best practice

April 22, 2020

Data Standardization Whitepaper

Best practice

Best practice

April 22, 2020

Eliminate Traditional ETL Whitepaper

Best practice

Best practice

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