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What value does Lore IO provide?

Companies select Lore IO to integrate their rich transactional data into virtual data layers that their business teams tap to build accurate and timely views. Lore IO replaces traditional ETL operations that are cumbersome and time consuming.

With Lore IO’s collaborative transformations and automation, customers typically reduce data preparation cost by about 90%. Moreover, customers increase data availability by over 90%.

What specific benefits does Lore IO provide to the business overall?

Lore IO maximizes data availability by providing the following business benefits:

  • Faster insights: Implement and optimize data components at a fraction of the time.

  • More accurate and trustworthy data: Users can understand and contribute to data transformations.

  • Rapid customer onboarding: Handle hundreds or thousands of data sources at high velocity.

  • Standardized data view across the enterprise: Automatically unify new, multi-source data.

What specific benefits does Lore IO provide to technical teams?

Lore IO minimizes data preparation costs by providing the following technical benefits:

  • Shorter data pipeline implementations: Eliminate the complexities of joining disparate data sets.

  • Lower data pipeline maintenance cost: No data pipeline jobs or ETL code to maintain.

  • Lower IT dependency: Provide the business with self-documenting data to set their transformations.

  • Minimize IT disruptions: Use automated alerts when schemas or data values change.

What are Lore IO’s platform attributes that make these benefits possible?

To offer these business and technical benefits, the Lore IO platform offers unique attributes, such as:

  • All data is centralized in a single location via Lore IO

  • Lore IO customers have access to a single source of truth about their business data

  • All data definitions are editable at scale. No need to recreate data pipelines to accommodate new data requirements

  • All metadata is queryable ad-hoc

  • The platform services both business and technical users

  • Lore IO abstracts away physical data considerations so that users can interact with the data without understanding how it is stored and organized

  • Support for top-down and bottom-up data definition process

  • Data ownership tools

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