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Lore IO Announces COVID-19 Data Onboarding Initiative to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Pharmaceutical Companies Working to Combat Coronavirus

Enables Specialty Drug & Med Device Manufacturers to Link Offline Data to an Online Environment to Support Critical Analysis

Sunnyvale, CA, April 22, 2020 - Lore IO Inc., providers of an AI-powered common data model that enables unified data views and faster vendor onboarding, today announced the availability of its COVID-19 Data Onboarding Initiative, a program designed to help pharmaceutical organizations shorten development cycles to speed drug readiness. The program, which is free of charge to pharma and biopharma manufacturers, allows organizations to onboard data from up to three unique sources in only 30 days instead of months which is the time it typically takes using traditional methods. For more information, and to sign up for the no-cost trial, visit

“When it comes to the commercialization of new specialty products in our industry, speed and accuracy is critical," said Nicholas Holsman, Executive Director, Commercial Operations at Oncopeptides. "By onboarding vendor data in just one month, Lore IO provided us with an innovative solution that could maximize our utility of the data in a way that I haven’t experienced before.”

Lore IO’s COVID-19 Data Onboarding Initiative will help established and emerging biopharma companies further accelerate the development and operationalization of enterprise data warehouses and commercialized analytics during pre-drug launch phases. The program focuses on expediting the onboarding and transformation of three vendor sources of industry data, which allows the user to create a unified view of the data for analysis and accelerate the execution of their go-to-market plan.

“I can personally attest to how our company was able to deliver a minimum viable product of a commercial app in just 30 days using Lore IO’s solution,” said Todd Dekkinga, Head of IT at pharmaceutical company Oncopeptides. “The ability to rapidly onboard data was a real game changer, as it will enable us with the speed and agility needed for our upcoming drug, Melflufen, first-in-class, anti-cancer peptide drug for multiple myeloma patients.”

Historically, the first commercialization of any drug launch poses many complications that may prolong an organization’s ability to bring a drug to market. Due in part to the shortage of deployment resources, long lead times, and high costs, many specialty pharma and med device manufacturers have struggled to perform the data analysis needed to make informed decisions and expedite commercial success. By providing organizations with an end-to-end analytics platform, drug and device providers can easily onboard data and begin extracting value within weeks, not months, and create multiple dashboards that simplify the analysis of onboarded data to ensure just-in-time commercialization of their product launch.

“Today, simplifying and automating vendor data onboarding is essential for streamlining the time it takes to bring critical drugs to market but, to do so often requires the ability to implement AI-driven business rules to establish a common and repeatable data model approach,” said Janardan Prasad, Chief Business Officer at Lore IO. “It’s never been more important to share our technology in the fight against the coronavirus, and Lore IO is committed to helping organizations who are moving fast to develop therapies and devices to combat COVID-19. Our initiative is designed to help them integrate disparate vendor data efficiently and effectively so they can shorten the time it takes to bring potentially lifesaving drugs to market.”

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Lore IO provides an AI-powered common data model that enables unified data views and faster vendor onboarding. The Company enables customers to unlock the full value of their data by empowering business users to collaborate on and use datasets that are initially hard to understand, reconcile, and blend. The Lore IO platform abstracts all the complex semantics of how the data is captured and joined together, enabling customers to instantly validate business logic in support of a wide range of use cases using a common data model approach. Lore IO’s out-of-the-box commercial App brings unprecedented self-serve business agility and has been proven to onboard data 10 times faster than traditional approaches. To learn more, follow the company on Twitter @teamloreio or visit


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