Increasing Big Data ROI

Give employees access to integrated, trustworthy, and readily available data

Reducing data infrastructure footprint

Don’t let your data lake turn into a data swamp. When you partner with Lore IO to develop your universal data layer, we will provide strategic consulting to rationalize and organize your Big Data investments. Use our serverless cloud option to avoid having to build, maintain, and scale your own clusters.

Consolidating technologies and vendors

Stop overpaying for data operation technologies and vendors services. The Lore IO Data Lake Virtualization Platform offers data integration, query engine, SQL and modeling language, visualization, and APIs as a full end-to-end data operations solution. We help our customers reduce investments in systems like Airflow, Hive, and Spark code pipelines; downstream data copies in Terradata and Redshift; and data exports for machine learning.

Scaling performance without ballooning costs

Let your teams consume as much data as their reports and applications require. Lore IO easily handles billions of daily events across dozens of sources. Our compute engine intelligently pulls data for any query and executes it in memory. And our Sensible Pricing model means that you pay for average usage levels. We absorb unexpected peak use, which significantly reduces total cost to you.

Complying with data governance and security policies

Increasing data access to employees does not mean having to compromise data security and governance standards. With Lore IO, your team configures governance, versioning, and curation rules to keep data safe and under control. Teams easily enforce data access restrictions that fully mirror existing source data setup.