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Lore IO's COVID-19 Data Onboarding Initiative helps Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers combat COVID-19.

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Simplifying and automating customer data onboarding is essential to staying relevant in today's business climate. Why stick to conventional means, such as complex code, ETL pipelines and manual processes? They just don’t cut it anymore.

Organizations must have the ability to integrate disparate data efficiently and cost-effectively, and ensure a self-service model by implementing AI-driven business rules. Lore IO delivers on this promise.

Built for simplicity.

When we say we simplify things, we really mean it.

  • Lore IO enables a top-down business rules approach compared to an otherwise data engineering-heavy one that is typical in the ETL world. This empowers business analysts to capture rules that drive complex automated data engineering behind-the-scenes.
  • Lore IO uses AI to scale non-linearly with data scale (i.e. it learns from rules and enhances the rule library, helps with mappings, crawls/interprets source data and provides a searchable catalog.
  • Lore IO is enterprise-ready. We play well with data lakes/EDW (Azure, AWS, GCP, Cloudera), BI/VIsualization/ML tools (Tableau, Power BI, TensorFlow, RStudio) and Integration tools (Mulesoft, Snaplogic, Attunity).
These innovations, combined with being ecosystem-friendly, deliver productivity gains resulting in significant cycle time reductions and tremendous cost savings.

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Lore IO enable writing rules quickly?

Our declarative modeling is closer to how people actually think - and is done on an automatically maintained catalog. ETL tools, on the other hand, need procedural logic to be encoded for how data will be transformed and moved step-by-step, costing business users time in waiting for the data lifecycle to complete.

Does Lore IO uphold enterprise grade security?

Lore IO integrates very well with underlying data platform security, provides secure data views with masking and hashing, supports Kerberos, supports SSO, LDAP and IAM integrations, has provisions for audit logging and data encryption at rest and in transit, and is compliant with GDPR and other data protection standards.

How can we try out Lore IO?

We offer a proof-of-concept which involves a sample of customer data and 2-3 working sessions (couple of hours each) where a client’s business analyst works with a Lore IO specialist to create business rules on our platform. Typically, a proof-of-concept can be completed in 1-2 weeks and provides sufficient basis for decision making.

How has Lore IO helped customers with client onboarding in other industries?

Lore IO customers include global leaders in emerging biopharma, financial payments, insurance, travel solutions, retail, data networking and consumer electronics. Client testimonials and use cases can be found here.

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