How to plan a product launch in a virtual-friendly world

Learn how emerging biopharma organizations are leveraging virtual platforms, real-time access to data, and best practices from other industries to help them plan for a successful launch.

In today’s virtual-friendly world, emerging biopharma organizations are adopting new technologies to help them better plan product launches and overcome challenges associated with transitional pandemic to post-pandemic go-to-market strategies. Lore IO has developed its Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution to help them address their rapidly changing needs with speed, agility, and data-driven insights.

This panel discussion will present real-world examples of how emerging biopharma organizations are successfully integrating new technologies, such as AI and advanced analytics, to better plan and execute their go-to-market strategy. Additionally, we will explore how they are further enabling launch success by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with virtual engagement platforms to ensure access to insights across teams
  • Becoming more patient-centric with improved touchpoints and support
  • Accessing data and insights in real-time to develop highly customized client programs and outreach
  • Easily adopting and putting to use new data sources throughout all facets of the launch
  • Tracking clearly defined KPIs to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Adopting innovations currently in practice in other industries
Janardan Prasad
CBO & Head of Life Sciences
Lore IO
Nicholas Holsman
Head of Commercial Operations, US Business Unit
Gautam Kollu
Chief Commercial Officer
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