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Build-as-you-grow with Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Packages: Clinical Operations, Pre-Commercial Launch, Medical Affairs, and Commercial Operations.

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Purpose-built life sciences analytics that grow with your needs, from molecule to market.

Unified data plays a key role in the development of your product, from clinical trials to a successful product launch. So why rely on expensive, inflexible, prebuilt solutions that do not scale with your needs? And why go with custom-built solutions that are complex and require significant resources to scale with you?

The Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution provides a simple, build-as-you-grow approach to ensuring data is accessible for business teams every step of the way. Our pre-packaged solution easily integrates with your data sources* and starts providing insights in weeks, not months. Need to add more data sources as you begin to prepare for your product launch? No problem. Lore IO makes it easy to onboard new data sources with its self-serve, no-code model.

Explore our life sciences analytics solutions and get your data to work for you.

*Data sources include: Veeva OpenData, IQVIA, Symphony, SFDC, TikaMobile, Sales/Ops XLS files, payer data, and other third-party CRM systems and data providers.

Build-as-you-grow with Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Freemium Packages.

Get the most out of your data from clinical trials to commercial launch. Onboarding and managing data should be fast and easy for everyone. The best way to get advanced analytics fast is to start with our freemium offering for the first five members of your team. We'll take care of the data onboarding, transformation, and prebuilt dashboards for you.

Available packages:

What you get.

  • Three (3) prebuilt dashboards
  • Three (3) data sources onboarded
  • 30 days of customization per your KPI and business requirements
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Drive Clinical Operations with data at your fingertips.

Effectively leveraging clinical trials data can make or break the path to a successful product launch. Clinical operations leaders, trial managers, and portfolio managers frequently deal with disparate data and error-prone manual workflows that hinder them from more effective uses of their time, such as leveraging the data to drive insight into the clinical trials process.

Our Clinical Operations package provides streamlined dashboards that allow you to generate insights from clean, unified data. More importantly, it scales with your needs as you increase the number of studies, sites, and enrollments.

Our Clinical Operations package helps you:

  • Increase portfolio management efficiency with greater visibility into project-level operational data.
  • Accurately track clinical trial performance data to monitor key milestones, ensure compliance, prevent protocol violations, and detect adverse events. improve drug development, ensure compliance, and detect risk across sites.
  • Improve patient enrollment by tracking and analyzing patient journeys from pre-trial to close-out.
  • Assess risk with predefined thresholds you set across a variety of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).
Learn more about Clinical Operations analytics and dashboards >

Expedite pre-launch planning with Pre-Commercial Launch Analytics

Use claims and customer reference data to expedite pre-launch planning for account profiling, patient journey, and competitor analysis.

Our pre-commercial launch analytics provides your team with efficiency, agility, and accuracy to ensure the planning of your commercial launch is optimized. Glean insights from claims and customer reference data to analyze trends for precise targeting and resource allocation, determine patient needs for a patient-centric, go-to-market strategy, and perform competitive analysis more efficiently to address market needs.

Our Pre-Commercial Launch package helps you:

  • Make prescriber profile analysis faster and easier.
  • Become more patient-centric.
  • Analyze competitive market data for targeted therapies.
Learn more about Pre-Commercial Launch analytics and dashboards >

Empower your Medical Affairs team.

Integrating data sources from medical CRM, KOL accounts, survey data, and Excel files and providing the clean, unified data to your Medical Affairs team has never been easier. Our platform allows you to empower your team with self-serve data management, which enables them to create dashboards easily to make more informed and data-driven decisions surrounding account activity, KOL engagement, and interaction effectiveness. In addition, Medical Sales Liaisons (MSL) will be equipped with key data right at their fingertips to establish and maintain key relationships with KOLs and keep apprised of the latest clinical data.

Our Medical Affairs package helps you:

  • Improve KOL engagement.
  • Maintain Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) data.
  • Efficiently monitor and react to interactions with patients and healthcare providers.
  • Track insights and trends.
  • Measure and improve program effectiveness.
  • Self-serve the creation of custom dashboards for targeted needs.
Learn more about Medical Affairs analytics and dashboards >

Accelerate your Commercial Operations.

Equipping your commercial team with the insights they need to ensure a successful product launch and remain competitive is paramount. Unfortunately, integrating the myriad of data sources efficiently and providing a unified view for analysis is too complicated and time-consuming with existing systems. We take away the laborious task of standardizing data and minimize the costs and resources required to maintain it, so your team can focus on what matters the most—the insights needed to help them anticipate and manage risk and identify and maintain key opportunities.

Get started with the Commercial Operations package to take the first step towards a successful commercial launch. Our Commercial Operations package helps you:

  • Effectively analyze market data to solidify your product launch strategy.
  • Empower your field force and sales management with the insights they need to become more productive and efficient.
  • Move beyond just CRM data to enhance customer engagement and retention.
  • Plan commercial strategies across geographies and specialties to enhance the customer experience.
  • Utilize insights to identify and execute multi-channel customer journeys.
Learn more about Commercial Operations analytics and dashboards >

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Frequently asked questions

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How is Lore IO faster to deploy than other options?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Packages are an end-to-end, build-as-you-grow solution that only requires access to your data sources.  This allows deployment in short time frames to help you get commercialization-ready even when facing tight timelines before product launch.

Will I have control of my data?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud is fully self-serve and allows companies to maintain access and control of their data assets at all times.

What happens if I have a new data source that I want to include in my analysis?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud is built on a nimble data platform that can assimilate new data sources into the data model with minimal effort and time. This allows flexibility and control for handling new or changing data sources.

What happens if I want to add new information to my reports?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Packages simplifies the onboarding of new data elements to reports and to add or adjust attributes to the data model.

Is this delivered as a SaaS model?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud offering is available in the form that works best for you - either a fully SaaS-based offering or as software that can run in your own private cloud architecture (AWS or GCP).

What data sources do you support?

Lore IO can easily integrate with industry standard sources, like IQVIA, Symphony, Veeva, TikaMobile, SFDC, etc. The platform can import data in various formats e.g. XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, fixed width or tab delimited.

Do I need a big IT team to manage this?

Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud features are self-serve and easy to manage, so there is no need for a big team of data engineers or specialists to keep the system running and meeting the needs of your business teams.

What kind of support services would Lore IO provide during and after implementation?

Lore IO would customize the solution depending on specific needs of commercial and IT teams and implement the solution to go live. As packages go live, Lore IO will train commercial and IT teams to make changes on their own. Lore IO will continue to support the platform as your product and team scales.

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