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Lore IO accelerates time-to-market for Pharmaceutical Companies working to combat COVID-19
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News: Lore IO Announces COVID-19 Data Onboarding Initiative to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Pharmaceutical Companies Working to Combat Coronavirus

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Blog | COVID-19 Drug Pipeline: How long do we have to wait?

Keep track of COVID-19 drugs in the pipeline and how soon they may be approved.

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Dashboard | COVID-19 Drugs and Vaccines

A dashboard representing current COVID-19 drugs and vaccines in clinical trials. | Presented by Lore IO

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Accelerate time to first drug commercialization with Lore IO Commercial Analytics

Commercialization of your first drug launch can pose many complications that may prolong your path to commercial success. Lack of deployment resources, long lead times, and high costs are only a few issues that organizations should not have to struggle with when it comes to commercializing a new product.

Lore IO empowers key stakeholders to perform the data analysis they need to enable informed decisions and accelerate commercial success by providing an end-to-end analytics platform for sales and home office teams.

Just bring the data.
Lore IO includes everything else.

The Lore IO Commercial Analytics platform makes getting commercial-ready much more predictable by eliminating the unpredictability that comes with resource, timeline and budget planning. Easily onboard data* and begin extracting value from it within weeks, not months. Create multiple dashboards that simplify the analysis of onboarded data to ensure just-in-time commercialization of your product launch.

Furthermore, Lore IO empowers your Commercial, Sales-Ops, and IT teams with a self-serve, commercial data model behind the analytics using the Lore IO user interface. As a result, your teams can stay on top of changes in market dynamics by changing business rules, goals, KPIs and sales strategies with speed and agility.

*Data sources include: Veeva OpenData, IQVIA, Symphony, SFDC, TikaMobile, Sales/Ops XLS files, payer data, and other third-party CRM systems and data providers.

Lore IO is a proud, Certified Data Partner of Veeva OpenData.

Lore IO is a Certified Data Partner of the Veeva OpenData Partner Program. As a Veeva OpenData partner, Lore IO will help established and emerging biopharma companies further accelerate the development and operationalization of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and commercial analytics during pre-drug launch phases. This partnership enables Lore IO to ensure biopharma companies rely less on manual or engineering-heavy data integration processes and more on automation and self-serve data onboarding processes that minimize time-to-assessment when analyzing drug and market data.

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Frequently asked questions

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How is Lore IO faster to deploy than other options?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics is an end-to-end, pre-built solution that only requires access to your data sources.  This allows deployment in short time frames to help you get commercialization-ready even when facing tight timelines before product launch.

Will I have control of my data?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics is fully self-serve and allows companies to maintain access and control of their data assets at all times.

What happens if I have a new data source that I want to include in my analysis?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics is built on a nimble data platform that can assimilate new data sources into the data model with minimal effort and time. This allows flexibility and control for handling new or changing data sources.

What happens if I want to add new information to my reports?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics UI makes it easy to add new data elements to reports and to add or adjust attributes to the data model.

Is this delivered as a SaaS model?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics is available in the form that works best for you - either a fully SaaS-based offering or as software that can run in your own private cloud architecture (AWS or GCP).

What data sources do you support?

Lore IO can easily integrate with industry standard sources, like IQVIA, Symphony, Veeva, TikaMobile, SFDC, etc. The platform can import data in various formats e.g. XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, fixed width or tab delimited.

Do I need a big IT team to manage this?

Lore IO Commercial Analytics is self-serve and easy to manage, so there is no need for a big team of data engineers or specialists to keep the system running and meeting the needs of your commercial officer and sales team.

What kind of support services would Lore IO provide during and after implementation?

Lore IO would customize the solution depending on specific needs of commercial and IT teams and implement the solution to go live. Once the commercial app goes live, Lore IO would train commercial and IT teams to make changes on their own. Lore IO would continue to support the platform as your product and team scales.

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