Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Packages

Get the most out of your data from clinical trials to product launch. Onboarding and managing data should be simple. Don't get tied into costly, one size fits most implementations that require significant resources just to go live and even more to keep up-to-date. Our Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Packages are purpose-built and grow with your business, so you can ensure your data needs are in sync with your launch plans.

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Free 30-Day Trial Dashboard

Go live in...

One week

Dashboard included:

Choose one dashboard from one of the Life Sciences Cloud Analytics Packages.

Free dashboard access for 30 days.

Included: Tableau Explorer Access for Ad Hoc Data Analysis

Data sources included:

One Data Source

Data Upload Interface through Lore IO UI.

Clinical Operations Package

Go live in...

2 weeks

Dashboards included:

Portfolio Management

Study Performance

Patient Enrollment

Risk Assessment

Data sources included:


Affairs Package

Go live in...

2 weeks

Dashboards included:

KOL Management

Interactions Trends

Medical Insights

Data sources included:

CRM, HCO/HCP, 3rd Party Tools, XLS (Goals and Plans)

Access Package

Go live in...

4 weeks

Dashboards included:

Market/Competitor Insights

Patient Journey

Account Profile

Payer Analytics

Contracts and Pricing

Data sources included:

HCP/HCO, CRM, Payer Data, Claims Data, Patient Longitudinal Data, Formulary Data

Operations Package

Go live in...

8 weeks

Dashboards included:

5 Field and Management Dashboards for Commercial Analytics

Supply Chain

Data sources included:

Claims, HCP/HCO, CRM, Trade Data Aggregator, 3PL/HUB, SPP/SD, Co-pay, Expense Reporting, HRMS, ERP

Lore IO Managed Services include:

Life Sciences Cloud
Data Management
Data Analytics Platform
Security and Validation Services
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