Optimizing Successful Commercialization with Advanced Analytics

Learn how to overcome commercialization challenges using AI and advanced analytics.

Advancements in AI and cloud technologies have made it possible for pre-revenue companies with cost and resource constraints to be equipped with advanced analytics that were previously only available to big pharma organizations. With many moving parts during the commercialization process, building a unified data-driven strategy is essential. Accessibility to unified data and analytics can provide a step change in an organization’s efforts to mitigate risks, lower costs and increase the likelihood of a product’s commercial success.

This discussion will provide real-world examples of using advanced analytics to solve the challenges faced during fast track drug launches. In addition, we will illustrate how efficiently advanced analytics can be deployed and managed with fewer resources.

Janardan Prasad
CBO & Head of Life Sciences
Lore IO
Mohamed Ladha
General Manager, US Business Unit
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